Cookie Policy

What are cookies?


Cookies are information packages sent by a specific website and stored at the user’s browser. These cookies allow the website to look up certain information regarding the user’s navigation.

Cookies are mainly used for a better performance of the website and to receive analytical information regarding its activity. Cookies can also be used to offer users a personalized experience considering their previous behavior and preferences.

What kind of cookies does Travelgenio use?


1.    According to the entity managing them

First-party cookies: These cookies are managed by us and are intended to offer a better experience to our users.

Third-party cookies: These are the cookies established by our providers and collaborators.


2. According to data storage duration

Session cookies: Session cookies store data while you are browsing the web, for example, by remembering the flights and dates you have selected.

Persistent cookies: With these cookies the information can be more accessible during a longer period, even if the session has already expired.

3.    According to purpose

Technical cookies: Technical cookies are essential to make the website work properly and to be able to use its functionalities.

Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies quantify the volume of users and how they use the site. This information is measured and analyzed to find improvements.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies: These cookies gather information to manage advertising spaces efficiently on our website. In turn they collect browsing data to offer more interesting promotions adapted to every user.

Social cookies: These are the cookies that are necessary to be able to share our website on social media. These cookies will be managed by the social media itself.

Third party cookies used at Travelgenio

Treatment of your Cookies

Bear in mind that by deactivating certain cookies, the navigating experience might not be as good as we have developed it. However, if you want to manage your cookies, you can access the following links according to the browser you are using:

  • Chrome, see this link
  • Explorer, see this link
  • Firefox, see this link
  • Safari, see this link


You can also find information about the cookies stored on other websites using tools such as Ghostery.


If you wish to request more information on the use of cookies, you may use our contact form.