Why Montenegro is a trendy destination?

19 Dec Why Montenegro is a trendy destination?

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioThis little Mediterranean country has recently lived one of the most incredible reborn thanks to the interest it got from a concrete type of traveller. Those who love the coastal countries and the Cosmo life have a date in any of its cities. Moreover than the capital, Kotor, there are many other interesting places to discover in it. Take a look to understand why it became one of the best destinations you can choose for a getaway.

The main attractions in Montenegro

1.    Kotor, of course: it is one of the main reasons to travel to this country. Its bay, the city centre, considered World Heritage and some of the most fascinating spots like the St. Trifon Cathedral or the St. John Castle are just some of the main attractions in the city. The fact that the Adriatic Sea is also a witness in this city, also includes some extra charming halo.

2.    Perast: really near Kotor you will find one of the most beautiful areas you can imagine. Together with many mountains surrounding it is located Perast and its marvellous landscapes. Moreover, you will find really near the Sveti Dorde Islands or the St. George one, together with Gospa od Skrpjela. We recommend you to visit the Perast Port.

3.    Budva: you cannot forget a visit here to take a look to its mermaid emblem. Yes, as the Copenhagen one.

4.    Podgorica: it is other of the main capitals in the country and a city you will love once you arrive. Here you will find the hugest heritage in terms of history and the ancient times of a country that has always been fighting to survive.

5.    Beaches in Montenegro: you can visit almost all of them and get astonished with the leisure possibilities they will bring you. Lepetani, Dobra, Voda, Pluzine or the Piva Lake are just some of our suggestions. Take also a look to the Bijeli Island, where you can enjoy visiting its monastery.

Tips to arrive to Montenegro

We recommend you to find an accommodation that can bring you the possibility to save some money in order to spend it in experiences in this country. To arrive to the main airport you will need to fly to Dubrovnik and afterwards, rent a car.

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