Why is Edinburgh popular for tourists?

09 Oct Why is Edinburgh popular for tourists?

Edimburgo - TravelgenioMore or less all type of travellers arrive to Edinburgh as the door to enjoy Scotland.  That is why we would like to talk about it a little bit in order to make the ones that have never been here before understand why this is the most fascinating city in the country and maybe one of the most charming ones in Europe. Take a look.

3 cultural suburbs in Edinburgh

Although this city offers a lot to do, the truth is that we want to focus the most cultural and interesting suburbs in Edinburgh to make your trip unforgettable.

Old Town: if you want to get in love with the traditional views of the city, you should start here. With buildings that still keep the medieval original style with a unique structure that will leave you speechless.

Discover here the St. Giles Cathedral, the Royal Scottish Museum and many other interesting places such as the University. Of course, you can also discover the wonderful Edinburgh castle and the remains of a volcanic plug. Don’t forget to walk because, although not all streets have monuments, the soul of the city is all over the City Centre.

New Town, the Industrial Revolution seen from the beginning: the new town was built, textually, because of the overpopulation of this city during the 18th century. You will find many buildings that still talk about the workers and also about the overcrowding they suffered during decades. Nowadays it is one of the most popular visits in the city, especially because is where the National Gallery is located. You have also to visit the Nor’Loch Lake, between the Old and New towns. It was projected as a channel but, in the end, it was designed as the Pricess Street Gardens.

Leith, a visit to its port: the Edinburgh Port is our last stop but not the less important one. You cannot miss one of the most controversial spaces of the beginning of the 20th century. Until then, Leith was apart from Edinburgh and it was annexed since the port project. Nowadays it is really popular as it is part of the sceneries of the Trainspotting cult film directed by Danny Boyle that was inspired by the Irvine Welsh novel.

There are also many cultural spaces that worth a visit. The National Library is one of them, together with the Scotland Museum and the Portraits National Gallery or the Botanical Garden. You will also enjoy a visit in the National Gallery where you will be able to discover some Botticelli, Velazquez or Tiziano works.