What to expect if you visit the Denmark National Museum in Copenhagen

13 Feb What to expect if you visit the Denmark National Museum in Copenhagen

Copenhague - TravelgenioThe happiest city in the world is not just happy because of the pedestrians’ area or the Little Mermaid but also because of the many museums, monuments and theatres it owns.

After walking through the New Port or discovering the Tivoli gardens, you should take a look to one of the most visited Museums in the country: the Denmark National Museum.

Useful information to discover this museum

The Nationalmuseet is well known for being the biggest museum in the country and one of the most important European ones. In 1994 won the Best European Museum Award.

If you want to discover all the museum background you will be able to find some pieces that will let you travel about 14.000 years. Also, it exhibits some Roman, Egyptian, Greek or even Middle East objects.

Just by looking some of the most popular objects like the Kisbjerg’s Church Golden Shrine, the Trundholm solar car, the Huldremose woman mommy, the Grundestrop cauldron or the Bronze Age ones you will understand the importance of all its collection. The Famous Ramses the First Stele or some of the Greek ceramics are some of the foreign backgrounds in its lists.

There are many art Works that will leave you speechless during the visit. Vikings boats or the Egypt collection, together with the Ice Age legacy are unique for all type of travellers and, specially, for those who love history.

Moreover, it is located in the ancient Prince Palace, a place that also is incredible in architectural terms.

If you want to arrive to the museum you must ride the 11A Bus until you arrive to the Stormbroen stop. You can also arrive from the Central Station. In this Museum are always two exhibitions: the temporary one and the permanent one. You will find here also a shop, a restaurant and the cafeteria.

If you are searching its schedule, it is open from 10 to 17 from Tuesday to Sundays and you will need to pay 75 Danish Crowns for each adult. Free for younger than 18.