Versailles Palace: usefull information

21 Jul Versailles Palace: usefull information

Viajar en Tren - TravelgenioLocated about 15 kilometres far from the Paris city center, it is an unforgettable visit that will leave you speechless. Why? Because it is one of those places you cannot imagine unless you visit them. Let us tell you how to enjoy this visit.

How to arrive to the Versailles Palace

This palace is exactly located 14.7 kilometres far from the Eiffel Tower, that means that is not possible to arrive here in the interurban trains. The train will cost you about 20€ a round trip, so we should ask you to take this into account if you are not thinking about a car rental. If you decide to arrive by train you have to take the Versailles Chantiers one, although other available one is the Versailles Rive Droite. If you choose the bus, you have to take the Line C, Versailles Rive Gauche.

Schedule and price to discover the Versailles PAlace

This famous palace is located in the Army Square in Versailles. Thanks to the schedule you can enjoy visiting it during the whole year. In summer (from April to November), you can visit it from 9 to 18.30 and in winter from 9 to 17.30.

You can decide if you want to visit the whole complex, or just the gardens or the palace. Although prices are not really popular, it worth a visit. You will have to pay around 15 euros to visit the complex and, if you are lucky and you travel the first Sunday from November to March, you can enjoy the free entrance.

Why travellers want to visit the Versailles PAlace?

Well, of course it is a personal decision. But if you finally decide to visit this marvell you will enjoy not just because of the richness of the palace but also by walking in the huge gardens.

The Mirrors Room is an unforgettable view of the French style architecture of the luxury age where kings were almost as impressive as the sun.

Take also into account that it is a World Heritage complex, so this should be enough to understand why it is as interesting as to spend a few hours visiting it.