Trendy ways to travel during 2018

25 Jan Trendy ways to travel during 2018

Check-in - TravelgenioWhat about next year trips? The truth is that, probably, the trends that were working during 2017 will be the same as the ones in 2018. Travelling has became one of the main investments for the human experiences and that is why we would like to know the alternatives.

Trends for the new year

1. The best thing, knowing people: from the customer service to the travellers we will meet in the path, this will be one of the main clues and keys to enjoy a great trip.

2. Everything will be dealt through the smart devices: if you want to know something about travelling, you will use your smartphone. The apps are going to be the most important place to find and search the options during the trip.

3. Travel and work: almost half of the travellers that arrived to other countries finally worked in them. It is a unique experience in terms of services. There are many travellers that can work with just an Internet connection. So if you fall in love with the place you are discovering…why not spending time there while working?

4. Sustainable tourism: it is really a common trend and travellers choose the ecotours among other massive tourism. During 2016 almost the 39% of trips followed this kind of options and we can assure that during next years it will be a growing trend.

5. Less is even more: contrary to the expensive holidays of the past, nowadays travellers are really in search of the best prices and opportunities not to spend the year budget in just a trip. A weekend plan is even more usual during these days than spending a week in a unique destination. That is why less and concentrated trips are going to be the new way of travelling. Specially for young travellers.