Traveling to the Chinese New Year

02 Feb Traveling to the Chinese New Year

TravelNext Chinese New Year, the Monkey one, it is supposed to be unforgettable as this animal era starts a new time. This year it will start next 8th of February and we promise you it will be an event you will remember. Both, if you decide to travel to China or if you want to celebrate it in other country, you must know that Beijing is nowadays more accessible thanks to the many flights that connect this city with the world.

The Spring Festival in Beijing for the New Monkey Year

In these months, Chinese families are together during almost 15 days. Imagine if you put together the Thanksgiving, the Christmas and the Easter but with a Carnival spirit. That’s what the New Year party is about. During this time, there are many companies that give their travellers almost a week of holidays. This celebration began with the Shang Dinasty that governed from the 17th century.

There is a common faith that a monster called Nian, used to eat kids during these holidays. It is represented by a dragon but, this animal is scared of the red light, that’s why all homes are decorated with this colour.

All these celebrations will be between the 7th and the 13th of February.

All the preparation for the New Year

If you travel to Beijing, it is not enough just to watch the parades. There is much more. If you want to enjoy the real Chinese New Year party, you must start before you travel. Everything will start a week before the 8th of February. Six days before it starts you must clean your house. From 4 to 5 days before you should buy all the necessary for the festival. The New Year Eve all the Chinese family are watching the tv shows and the fireworks, one of the main traditions for this night.

The New Year day people usually switch off the red lanterns and eat the classical sweet deserts. It is also very popular to find many performances in the main capitals. Here, in China, the religion and philosophy are really related so you will see many people going to the many temples to pray.