The Yucatan islands for a honeymoon

15 Jan The Yucatan islands for a honeymoon

It is time to plan a perfect honeymoon and, if you have ever dreamt about it, we can almost assure you have seen beaches and paradise in your images. If not, let us recommend you this new alternative in order to discover one of the most incredible landscapes in this American area.

5 islands you will love in Yucatan

More than just discovering the colonial churches route, the cities or the sea ports, you will be able to discover one of the most incredible archaeological sites, with Chichen Itza as the main one.

1. Isla Del Carmen. You can enjoy here beaches like the Bahamita, La Manigua, the Playa Caracol Spa, or Puerto Real. All these places are unique and magical and one of the main reasons to assure something like this is because you will be able to enjoy many leisure activities with your partner-in-crime.

2. Arrecife Alacranes National Park; this national park is perfect in cse you want to know all the details in terms of nature just about 130 kilometres far from the Mexican Gulf. The biggest island here is the Perez one and it is one of the most stunning places in this area.

3. Isla Mujeres: if you are a nature lover, you need to arrive here to enjoy watching the turtles and dolphins in the area. You can also enjoy by diving and many other experiences really related to the sea and these animals.

4. Isla Contoy: in the Quintana Roo State, this is a unique archipelago where the Contoy island is the place to enjoy the protected species like the red-chest frigate or the Coffee pelican. Dunes and many other interesting landscapes are going to help you in the discovery of more than 14 different types of reptiles or 234 types of fishes.

5. Isla Cozumel; it is the most popular one in Yucatan and the third biggest one in Mexico with its 42 kilometres long. For many people it is the perfect place in the world to practise snorkel and other nautical sports like diving. Although there are many hotels and restaurants, it is a protected place because of the coral reefs. Just 45 minutes far from Playa del Carmen it is a perfect place for a romantic trip.