The perfect trip to Venice

12 Feb The perfect trip to Venice

Venecia - TravelgenioIf you are as lucky as to travel to Venice, you will be able to enjoy one of those cities that never disappoint travellers, one of the most beautiful places in the world and with a romantic, medieval and bohemian soul. During winter it is especially beautiful and that’s why we want to encourage you travelling during these months.

What can you see in Venice

The best way to access to Venice is through the Liberty Bridge that communicates Mestre and Venice. The best option for your accommodation could be in Mestre as prices here are less expensive than in the channel area. In case you get here by plane, you should know everything here is really well connected so don’t worry.

Of course you have to start your visit in the St. Mark Basilica, one of the most beautiful and popular ones in the world located in the stunning Square homonym. The Great Channels are a must in this dreamless city, but do not forget the bridges.

The Rialto Bridge maybe is the best known one in the city and you can enjoy taking there some photos. Also arrive to the Murano Lagoon, especially incredible during winter, when the fog seems to have born in the channels. Don’t forget the Gallery, where art is part of every single room.

Love in Venice

One of the most incredible things in the city is the magic you can feel in it. This is the case of the San Giorgio Maggiore Monastery or the Fenice Opera. Don’t forget to visit St. María della Salute, the Correr Museum, Ca d’Oro, St. María de los Milanos or the Grassi Palace.

Try the sweet deserts they have, you won’t be able to resist temptation. Just take a look to the many options in terms of leisure this city is going to offer you. And then just book your trip. You won’t forget this winter experience. Guaranteed.