The Norwegian fiords in Bergen

29 Jul The Norwegian fiords in Bergen

Turismo en Noruega - TravelgenioThis locality is well known as the starting point to the fjords in Norway. More than this, there are many attractions here to enjoy. The same way you can discover its heritage, you can also enjoy with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. We are talking about the oldest one in the country that was created during the 18th century.

Bergen, the way to the Northern fiords

This city is the second in terms of inhabitants and one of the most beautiful Norwegian ones. Its airport connects this place with places like Tromso or Trondheim.

Sognefjord Fiord: imagine a place in the world where there is a mirrow between the sky and the mountains. This is the Sogne fiord, with a length of more than 200 metres; it is located about 75 kilometres far from Bergen. Would you like more? This is the second biggest fiord in the world after the Scoresby in Groenland, a stone titan that marks its territory.

Its beauty is only comparable to the Scoresby Sund and, it is near than you think. The deepness gets to 1300 metres under the sea level. One of the main attractions here is the possibility to sail it.

The Boyabreen and Supphellebreen glaciers

Both glaciers are inside the Nacional Jostedalsbreen Park. There are no words to talk about this magical place to describe it. We recommend you to enjoy this place during July or August as it is very normal to suffer some avalanches and during autumn and winter it is frozen.

How to arrive to Bergen

The Bergen Flesland Airport is located just 19 kilometres far from the city. It is the second most important one in Norway so there are many destinations connected to it.