The most visited countries in the world according to the tourism guides

11 Aug The most visited countries in the world according to the tourism guides

During these years the communication has become global and that is why today we are able to make a selection of the most visited countries in the world and probably some of the most wanted ones for all type of travellers. If you plan your trip in detail you won’t have problems to arrive to some of them without spending a lot of money and always staying safe. Just take a look to what the experts say.

The most visited destinations

1. Japan: maybe it is not the best example to talk about low budget destinations, but it depends also on when you will travel. The main cities in the country are absolutely stunning. You cannot go and not fall in love with Tokyo or Kyoto. The many details in its culture and the contrast it will show you comparing to the occidental one are unique. There are some traditions that will leave you speechless.

2. Thailand: this is one of those countries that are still the best example of quality and price. There are many options to choose inside this country that will feed all type of traveller’s desires. Thailand is not only Bangkok, but also the many islands you can discover.

3. Indonesia: Let’s continue our compilation in Asia to visit the beautiful Indonesia. First of all, take a look to a few days in Bali and, afterwards, just bet for any offer to discover the rest of the country. It is unique and still not as tourist assibilated as many others.

4. Poland: this country is the destination you are waiting for. All the places you will be able to visit are unique and with a great history among them. Krakow or Warsaw are just an example of the capitals, but also take a look to the natural parks you will be able to find all over the country.

5. Island: since the camper or van trend became a reality, visiting Island and all its possibilities is a real bet for the most adventurer travellers. You will need to make a stop in Rejkiavik and the many glaciers, but don’t you forget to also enjoy the natural parks and the geysers.

6. Chile this country has everything. You will be able to discover the mistery of the Pascua Island (although it is located about 3500 kilometres from the coast), part of the Patagonia and even the Andes Massive. Just let your dreams become true in this part of South America.

7. United States of America: the truth is that this country has never been forgotten by travellers. Flights are cheaper than never and you will be able to choose among the many interesting destinations in this place.