The Japanese Garden in Santiago de Chile, a secret treasure

01 Feb The Japanese Garden in Santiago de Chile, a secret treasure

Santiago de Chile is a must city to visit once you arrive to South America. There are many interesting things to see in its streets but, if you really want to get astonished, you should plan a visit to the Japanese Garden.

During 2016 it was impossible to visit it but, it reopened in March 2017 and you will love the place and also the city area where it is located.

When we talk about the Japanese Garden we have to arrive to the Metropolitan Park of Santiago, one of the secret places in the city. Travellers usually miss this visit, but you will love to know more about the Tadashi Asahi design as soon as we introduce it to you.

Designed in 1978 there is a pond with a pergola that will make you think immediately about Japan. The water mill, the bamboo wall and the lanterns you will imagine a getaway in Tokyo in the Chilean capital heart.

You will enjoy a walk through the azaleas, maples, cherry trees and lotus flowers gardens. If you want the best views here, take a look to the lookout, where your mind will travel to the most beautiful feelings.

Cerro de San Cristóbal, a magical place to discover

This hill, that means sentinel in the Quechua language is one of the most popular spaces in the city thanks to the funicular that let you get to the top of the hill. There you will find the Virgin Mary Sculpture but also the Immaculate conception sanctuary. The National Zoo is also located here, together with the Victory Tower.

Arriving here is posible, as told, by taking the funicular, but also by car, walking or riding a bike.

It is the perfect complement for the Japanese Garden visit.