The famous Guinness Factory in Dublín

30 May The famous Guinness Factory in Dublín

dublin-travelgenioA trip to Dublin is always related to a visit to the Guinness Factory. It is something similar to the Louvre in Paris, you cannot miss it. In the city where James Joyce was born, you have to plan it. You will also have to enjoy many other things, but you have to take into account that the Guinness Factory is the beer factory most visited in Europe. The capital is also a city full of channels, history and museums to add to your plans.

Welcome to Dublin

Maybe the beer is not your preferred drink, but the Guinness Storehouse worths a visit just because of the monumental stained glass windows and that can be visited in the ancient fermentation ship from 1908. This ancient seven floored place represents a pint of beer. Moreover, it is the biggest pint of beer and that’s why you should take a look to this place once in Dublin.

In the first floor is where you can see the rental contracto f the St. James Gate Factory signed by Arthur Guinness, the founder. Moreover, you will also be able to discover the ingredients to elaborate the Guinness beer. We are talking about the barley, hops and yeast. Imagine yourself watching a huge barley pool and a water fall that will make us imagine we are in another place. This is the way the brew master start the magical process.

One of the most popular sections in this factory is the Dick explanation about the wooden transportation of the beer. All along the history, they were transported by trains or horses. But, what about the publicity part of the beer? You have a space where you will be able to see most of the spots and typographies that are part of the Guinness legacy.

Of course, after this entire visit you will be able to try the best beer of the world. But, if you want more, you just have to go to the top Gravity Bar, where you can still continue tasting the flavour.

Needed information about the Guinness Beer Factory

Price: 16.5€
Schedule: From 9.30 to 17 (last admission).
How to arrive: About 30 minutes if you decide to go walking. 10 minutes by bus and also arrives there the tourist bus.