The cheapest cities in Europe in 2017

08 Dec The cheapest cities in Europe in 2017

Would you like to plan a getaway but you don’t know where? We will try to inspire you with 6 different European cities that won’t ruin your budget.

If you want to know more about them, just follow our tour.

1.    Sofia: it is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria and also its capital, but until 2000 there were no low cost flights operating to it. Nowadays you will find many options to discover all the interesting places in the city and also the beauty of a trendy country. You will need to visit the Culture National Palace, the Science Academy or many other monuments that were inspired in many art movements from the neo baroque to the neoclassicism. The Sofia Synagogue is one of the biggest one in the area, together with the Banya Bashi Mosque.

2.    Belgrade: it has become a popular destination not just because of the direct flights from some of the European capitals but also because usually travellers arrive from Budapest or many other near countries. You will find many options to visit such as the Saint Sava Temple or the Serbian Parliament, together with the Nikola Pasic Square.

3.    Sarajevo: after the war it suffered it was almost destroyed, but it still keeps some of the interesting spots that still make people fall in love with this place. Just to mention some, the National Museum or the National Theatre worth a calm visit.

4.    Riga: the beauty of the Latvian capital is a must once you decide to plan a getaway to some less known – not unknown – destination. Considered World Heritage since 1997, some of the main monuments are religious spaces like the St. Peter Church or the Lutheran Cathedral. Also you need to take into account and plan a visit to the Black Heads House the Occupation Museum or the Riga Castle.

5.    Bucharest: the Romanian capital is the perfect starting point for discovering places like the Roman Athenaeum, the Herastrau Park, the Romanian Parliament or the Peasant Museum. Do you need any further reason to arrive here?

6.    Krakow:  There is a must visit if you travel to Krakow and, yes, we are talking aobut the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Wawel Castle, the Tatras Mounts and the Ojcow National Park.