The best St. Jacques Way in Autumn

16 Nov The best St. Jacques Way in Autumn

viajes - upitravelLets begin talking about you can choose any of the options of the St. Jacques way. It does not matter if you decide to make this pilmigrage in autumn or in other season. What we would like to tell you is something about the tips of making it during the fall talking in terms of comfortability. The primitive one or the northern way are some of the options. But if you try them during the fall maybe you can get all the rainy days typical of this season.

The French Way, the classical one

It is a bet for the best weather, specially if November is just beginning. If you want to do the French Way, this is the best season you will find as you will find less people and you will avoid summer heat. You will be able to visit the romanic temples without the 40ºC temperature that are typical of the regions during the hottest season. Once you arrive to Galicia, you will find a great difference as rain maybe arrives.

The Portuguese Way: from Tui to Compostela

It is an interesting alternative less known as the others. The Portuguese Way goes from Tui to O Porriño and, then, to Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis and Padrón. It is interesting because the six journeys are about 25 kilometers, so it seems not as hard as the French one.

The big promise: the epilogue

The St Jack’s Way epilogue has become one of the most interesting and important journey during last years without the need of walking a few days. With more than 100 kilometers, this route should be made in four days although many people just need 3 days. This journey will make you transit through Negreira, Olveiroa, Cee and Fisterra. It is always an alternative to finish in Fisterra, traveling to Muxia, where it is supposed to end the real St. Jacques Way.

If you have not trained before, you must take into account that the second and third journey are about 35 kilometers. That seems to be a lot if you are not used to practise hikking. That’s why we recommend you to make a scale in Cee during the last journey. Also, take into account that you will need a comfortable and apropriate winter shoes.