The best Spanish cities if you are travelling with a low budget

24 Aug The best Spanish cities if you are travelling with a low budget

Alpujarra Granadina - TravelgenioWould you like to discover the real Spain without spending the annual budget? Well, it is as easy as to follow our recommended places. Although there are some expensive capitals – where you can also find affordable options if you just take a look – there are others that offer many different and affordable plans.

5 destinations in Spain to travel without thinking in the pocket

1.    Lugo: it is one of those cities you usually don’t even think about but, once you discover it, you are going to question yourself why you have never arrived before. Lugo is considered one of the cheapest cities in Spain and it has one of the most beautiful historical city centres you can imagine. Maybe the most popular spot is the Wall, but it is not the only one. If you want to enjoy gastronomy, Lugo will offer you not just the tapeo plan but also one of the best receipts for the octopus or the meat.

2.    Granada: well, other city where you can just eat by trying the “aperitivo”. It owns one of the most stunning heritage in the country, starting from the Alhambra and following the cultural one in the Albaicín, Sacromonte or Realejo, where flamenco still sounds as in its original way.

3.    Tenerife: this island is not just cheap (especially if you take your lodging in the northern part) but also will let you save some more coins in many apartments. You will enjoy the Cañadas del Teide, the Cruz Port or Los Crisitianos and Los Gigantes, some of the most special places here If you want to discover the rest of the Canary Islands you just have to take a look to the many connecting flights and boats you will find here.

4.    Melilla: time to cross the Estrecho and go to the African Spanish city. It has the mixture of the different cultures. With a feet in Africa and its traditions and the other one in the Spanish culture, you will get in love with it. You can also enjoy visiting the near Ceuta, or even cross the border to Morocco and discover Tanger.

5.    Oviedo: this places is the best one if you want to eat really good not spending a lot of money. But, in General, Asturias has many heritage to visit, starting from the San Salvador Cathedral in Oviedo and also the romanic heritage of St. Maria del Naranco and s. Miguel de Lillo.