The best 5 cities for going shopping

27 Jan The best 5 cities for going shopping

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in the Evening, London, United KiIf you like shopping and also travelling, this is your article. There are many places in the world where you will find the most luxury or common shops. The consume tourism is one of the main interesting one for the countries, that try to promote it by helping people spending money in their shops with special VAT alternatives to enrich the trade. Let’s talk now about 5 countries, the best ones, to shop.

The 5 main cities in the world for shopping

1.    New York: NYC is considered the biggest and most interesting city to go shopping all over the world. With a huge variety of shops, in this city you will find everything you can imagine in terms of clothes or even art. There are many places where prices are affordable for all type of pockets, so don’t just think about luxury.

2.    Tokyo, Japan: one of the lightest cities, with thousands of shops. In Tokyo there are also many things to visit this beautiful city. What are you waiting for?

3.    London, United Kingdom: although it is not one cheap capital, there are many shops and styles you will find here. This city owns many different areas for shopping. If you still have not defined your style, this is your place as it is the urban tribal mother.

4.    Kuala Lumpur, Malasia: also a perfect place for a shopping trip. This Asiatic city owns the fourth biggest mall in the world with 600 shops. This is your destination if you are also looking for an exotic trip.

5.    Paris, France: of course, how could we forget to include this city, the fashion capital, in our list. Just by walking you will understand why this place is unique for shopping and trend lovers.