The 10 Argentina’s Greatest: Gran Cordoba in a weekend

06 Oct The 10 Argentina’s Greatest: Gran Cordoba in a weekend

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioA million and a half people is what Gran Cordoba can count, located in the Pampas. With the capital Cordoba and featuring 13 major cities, this is one of those Argentine cities that you can not miss if you travel to Argentina. We tell you how you can get to the International airport Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella or how to enjoy a journey visiting the most interesting points. Based on what would be a month long trip to Argentina, we booked a week for this region, an authentic and picturesque beauty that will make a trip an event.

What to see on Gran Cordoba during a weekend

Great Cordoba welcomes us in a unique way; with a taste of the years of yore and an Argentinian tradition that charms. Besides that Cordoba is a place name used in many South American and Central American cities in this case lives up to its parallels with the Spanish version.

Programming an unforgettable weekend in Cordoba

Day One: Gran Cordoba is composed of several cities and we will focus on its capital, Cordoba. The first morning we’ll go directly to the barrio cerro de las rosas, one of the most famous city parks. Then we will go throughout parks like Sarmiento park and we’ll have lunch at the waterfront of the River Suquía, that will captivate us greatly. Especially in summer, the city is characterized by its intermittent summer storms that produce rainbows between the sun and heat. After a succulent meal purchased on nearby food stalls – carefully, if you have delicate digestive system – we will tour the natural reserve General San Martin. And at sunset? At sunset the first day, we will make contact with the northwest of the city, on day 2 we will visit the economic zone in which you can see a lot of contemporary architecture. At night it is a real show.

Day Two: We’ll wake up early in the morning and go to see the famous Bicentennial bridge and the Bicentennial Lighthouse – if we did not seen the previous day at the Samiento park. That day will be the day to go to one of the downtown restaurants and sample the Cordoba delights. This will happen in case you want to try the roasts, red meat, cream cheese, the famous mate, which may be taken after a sumptuous meal. The local beers are known as Quilmes, Brahma and the not so well known Stella Artois. In the afternoon, after this meal, we’ll go to the old town where we will visit the Cabildo historico, Cathedral Square or the plaza central San Martín.

Day Three: This day will be the day of art deco. In Belgrano street we will know some of the sights and cultural life of the city. The neighborhoods of General Paz or Güemes are other options. If you want to visit museums, the Museo de Bellas Artes de Evita is perhaps the most interesting for such a short stay.