Special Travel Destinations in Great Britain for this Autumn

11 Nov Special Travel Destinations in Great Britain for this Autumn

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in the Evening, London, United KiExciting cities, historical places, breath-taking landscapes and beautiful coast regions. There is something for every taste in Great Britain. No matter if you are searching for the special, golden English autumn in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Here we have 5 Autumn travel destinations in Great Britain that will surely be to your liking. Be carried away on a journey into the beautiful Great Britain of Autumn.

England: Dramatic coasts, picturesque villages and cosmopolitan metropolises are waiting to be discovered by you this Autumn. From green hilly landscapes of Cotswolds and the enchanting villages of Cornwall across the cosmopolitan metropolis of London up to the dramatic and characterizing coast landscapes North East of England – the area to be discovered is wide. Whatever you prefer – you’ll find it in England.
In England you can find 21 different UNESCO World Heritages. Some of which you can discover this Autumn by yourself.

Northern Ireland: A region full of charm, history and myths that has a certain allure especially in this time of the year. If you’re not looking for sun and beaches, you can find many enchanting places in Northern Ireland that are especially romantic in Autumn and Winter. You can get really comfortable in a lodge on the green, hilly landscapes of Northern Ireland and get ready for Winter. Thanks to the varied landscape the country seems a lot bigger than it is. The breath-taking mountains and valleys, World Heritages and an inland sea – all that comes together in smallest space and is waiting to be discovered by you.

Scotland: From extensive valley landscapes across elegant streets of Edinburgh Scotland surprises us with its breath-taking beauty and variety. The contrasting landscape with over 800 islands, lakes, mountains and coast regions there is a lot to be discovered for every lover of nature. Edinburgh Castle, which is enthroned above the historic district is an absolute must for every traveller. In regards to shopping Scotland’s cities are extraordinaire as well. On Murraygate in Dundee there is something to be found for every bargain hunter and vintage fan. In the center of Edinburgh you can find one or the other designer label. And of course a travel to Scotland requires a visit to Loch Ness.

Wales: The old Celtic kingdom of Wales with its castles and mystical seeming landscape such as the vibrant cosmopolitan cities invite for a visit this Autumn. A day trip to Offa’s Dyke Path along the English-Welsh border is ideal. The 284km long-distance walking trail leads along the English-Welsh broder. No matter if you take on the whole route as an experienced hiker or just make a short day trip – the trail offers an impressive landscape view with a unique flora and fauna. Whoever wants to take on the whole trail, should plan 14 stages for 10 to 20 days. lange Fernwanderweg führt entlang der englisch-walisischen Grenze. The trail is very well developed for hikers and there are places to stay and sleep on every stage. The months June to September are the high season of this region, which is why a place to sleep should be booked in advance.