Spanish Islands: Tenerife

27 Jun Spanish Islands: Tenerife

Viajes para dos - TravelgenioMany holiday sites describe Tenerife as their dream holiday island. So, what is it about this island which makes it so popular with the tourists.

The island of Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, and probably the most popular with visitors. In fact, studies suggest that over the last one hundred years holidaymakers have risen from one hundred a year to a staggering 11 million. For an island of only 778,000 inhabitants, this is an impressive level of tourism and suggests that Tenerife really does have quite a lot to write home about!

So why do so many people come here? Unsurprisingly it would seem that the British come for the sun. A quick peak at the average temperature in summer and in winter, which generally only varies by about 10 degrees, will confirm that Tenerife is the perfect destination for those fed up with the British weather. Even in the height of summer, Tenerife usually has a prevailing westerly wind which helps to keep it at a moderate temperature.

Although Tenerife is probably best-known for its southern beaches and golf resorts, the island is actually one of stark contrasts – from golden sands to black volcanic beaches; from mountain peaks to green valleys. It is this dramatic scenery which not only draws in those wanting to enjoy the sunny beaches but also appeals to those wanting a more active, walking or nature-based holiday.

However, it is definitely possible to discover the “real Tenerife” without having to set off hiking. The island is surprisingly car-friendly and car hire couldn’t be easier than in Tenerife. It’s all there for you when you step off the plane. Hiring a car is the perfect way to explore the island – simply pack up a picnic and venture out.

Tenerife has become the holidaymaker’s dream island because it has something for everyone, from the scenery and the beaches to the weather and the climate. Discovering Tenerife is definitely something that everyone should do.