Seoul, the popular South Korean capital

15 Apr Seoul, the popular South Korean capital

seul-travelgenioCosmo and innovation are just some adjectives for a definition of this city. This is how Seoul is known, as the fashion capital. One of the bes definitions is modernity and that’s why it is perfect to just relax and have a walk through its streets, coasts and also discovering the lost treasures.

8 visits that will decide you to travel to Seoul

1. Bukhansan National Park: a few kilometres far from the city centre, we will find this national park where you can discover something more about the fauna and flora of this country. Its mountains are incredible and the trekking routes are really popular for thousand of followers.

2. Gyeongbokgung Temple: it is situated in the city centre and it is one of the most interesting and unique visits you will make in Seoul. It is located in a paradise place of the shore of its river and in the nearby you will be able to taste the most delicious gastronomy of Korea.

3. Korean War Monument: it is a stunning monument in Seoul. Travellers will find out why travelling here is discovering the most historical destination in the country.

4. Changdeokgung Palace: if you want to see a typical palace of this country, then this is your visit. Its structure will remind you many other Chinese Palaces, but the truth is that this one is special. You will understand it as soon as you get inside it.

5. Hangang Park: it is the perfect natural spot in the city to spend your time just walking. During spring is perfect as it will show you some of the most beautiful sights of the city.

6. Insadong: the bohemian suburb is a must during your visit. Specially if you want to taste some of the best cafes in Seoul.

7. National Museum of Korea: in a modern city, which type of museum could you imagine? Yes, a vanguards one with many works from the 20th century. Although South Korea was ransacked during a while, there is still a unique collection inside the walls of this museum.

8. Bongeunsa Temple: well, this is other example of the religious heritage of this capital although it is one of the most innovative and tech ones in Asia.