Road Trip por Andalucía

10 Aug Road Trip por Andalucía

viajes - upitravelDiscovering Andalucia: the perfect road

There are not a lot of experiences more interesting than the option to find a road trip. It is a shared trip that is far from the typical and classic sun and beach holidays. Do you want to discover one of the best road trips for this summer….? Just take a look.

5 cities to include in your Andalusian road trip

Cordoba: from Madrid it is easy to get to Cordoba. Just 2 and a half hours by car. The Mezquita owns an afternoon to be seen. If you love mistery, just go to Belmez, where there the faces that appeared in walls and floor are still something to discover. If you are a literature lover, Fuenteovejuna, the village named by Lope de Vega is your destination. Don’t forget to try the flamenquines.

Seville: from Cordoba to Seville there is just an hour. The second day of your road trip you will see the Giralda, the Main Square and also the Golden Tower that is near the shore of the Guadalquivir River. IS there a better way to continue your trip? Of course! Try one of the many typical gastronomical dishes of the city like the gazpacho and you will instantly fall in love.

Malaga: it is one of the hardest stages, not because of the distance but because of the type of roads. Once you get to Malaga, you can have a sea bath. If you have enough time, visit some of the coastal villages of the Costa del Sol like Marbella.

Granada: we are now getting inside the heart of Andalucia, to the Alhambra land. You cannot miss this city as this is where you will find the most bohemian Andalusian corner. Its zouk, the Sad Promenade, the Albaicín or even the Sacromonte are a must if you want to discover the real art of Granada. Don’t miss the views from the St. Nicholas Balcony.

Almería: Do you know where are we guiding you? Yes! To the Cabo de Gata. All the Andalusian coastal beauties are here. We also recommend you to walk the city and, of course, to travel to the rest of provinces like Cadiz, Huelva or Jaen, as they have also a lot of interesting things to offer you.

There are many places you should visit, not only in Andalucia but in the rest of Spain. Maybe you can plan another route depending on the days you can spend traveling, and maybe you also want to try the contrast of the North of Spain, but here is our first Spanish roadtrip recommendation.

The main advantage of a road trip is that you can change your direction whenever you want. So discover yourself your own route just by following your intuition.