Riga- Europe’s Cultural capitol 2014

04 Nov Riga- Europe’s Cultural capitol 2014

TravelLatvia is heir to a rich culture and history. The cultural and ethnical variety is very apparent, even today. We’ll find the heart of this variety in Riga. This year the city earned its deserved title of European cultural capitol. The following, short travel guide will tell you about the things to discover and experience there.

Riga & Art Nouveau

Especially in winter the city shows its charming side, sending every visitor into immediate, romantic rapture. The historic district is characterized by the especially beautiful and well-preserved art nouveau buildings and the high amount of various churches.

Sights and attractions in Riga and its vicinity

Churches: The churches and the various other iconic towns of different religions are all sights to discover. This can best be done through one of the guided historic district tours. Cultural backgrounds leading to this variety are explained comprehensibly.

Nature: Latvia is also known for its unique flora and fauna and its defining landscapes. No matter if far from the capital Riga – in the forests and swamps – or right in the capital … by boat or by foot – Latvia is home to four national parks, 21 nature parks, several reserves and two botanic gardens. There is something special to see for every lover of nature.

Relax and get away: The Latvians are known worldwide for their bathing and Spa culture. Just about every hotel, guesthouse or holiday lodge has a steam bath, a sauna or a pool. On top ofthat there’s a number of treatments such as hitting with a leaf tassel, teas making you sweat, contrast bathing, various massages and beauty procedures with the help of natural cosmetics.

Exhibitions and Events: There are several special cultural events still during the last part of the year thanks to the program „Riga 2014“. The history of amber, accompanying the city’s history ever since – is in the center of attention in this year. On top of that the light festival „Staro Riga“ is taking place, putting the cultural capital in a very special light. Within several days you can find many innovative and artistically inspired installations.

Overnight Stays

The chic Boutique-Hotel of Berg leaves no wishes unfulfilled in terms of luxury and quality. The hotel was opened in 2003 and is home to big, spacy rooms and suites. On top of that the hotel has one of the leading gourmet restaurants of the town, such as a big fitness and spa area. Guesthouses like Laimes Ligzda close to Cesis (1 h drive away from Riga) too have their very special charm and are perfect for family and group travels. The Laimes Ligzda is also equipped with a sauna and a swimming pool. The appertaining summerhouse near the pond invites you to have barbecues or a picnic.

Journey to Latvia

Latvia is a Central European country, having several vicinity countries. The traffic system of Latvia is one of the leading ones in Europe and you can get there by car, train or plane. The airport of Riga is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe and offers direct flights to 70 worldwide destinations. You can travel through the country comfortably and without spending a lot of money by train. All important cities and communities are connected to public transport system. On top of that international trips to Moscow or St. Petersburg are offered.