Recommendations for checkin in Low Cost Flights

01 Feb Recommendations for checkin in Low Cost Flights

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As it is well known, low cost airlines let less weight for luggage and are more strict in its measures.

More than that, some issues such as the check in taxes are charged unless they are made online.

Measures to flight in any low cost company

The maximum allowed are 20x40x55 (width x lenght x heigh). If we talk about weight, there is no a concrete measure as each company has its own policy. Anyway, if you are going to flight in a low cost company, it is recommended not to surpass 8 or 10 kilograms. It must be taken into account as you would have to pay the excess weight. Anyway, we recommend to check the weight and measure before the flight in order to avoid surprises.

Choose online check in

Each day more people use this service through the Internet around a week before the flight date. This option is possible for those who only carry hand luggage.

The process is easy. When you make the reservation, the online travel agency told you to use the ID to print the ticket few days before the flight. Just with this gesture, travellers could save around 45€. This is a must as without the boarding card you will not be able to fly.

Prohibited items, tricks and tips

For those who have not had their first experience in the security controls before the boarding, they must know they will not be allowed to carry liquids exceeding 100 ml per vial. This is particularly thorny because they must find vials adapted to this measure if they want to introduce them in the cabin.

If you want to carry water – it is very expensive in the airport – you may take an empty bottle and fill it in the bathrooms.

Be careful with the laptops because, if you carry them in their briefcase it could be counted as a second handbag. To avoid it, there are some backpacks with specific compartments that can be the solution.

Please also check you don’t carry blades, knives or any object that could be used as weapon.