Madrid or Barcelona, which one do you prefer?

06 Apr Madrid or Barcelona, which one do you prefer?

During next months, if you are thinking about travelling to a Spanish capital, maybe you are in this dilemma. Both are well connected by plane, with interesting rates offered by many airlines and with incredible plans you can enjoy in both of them. So, let’s see some reasons to choose one or the other…it will be your decision.

Unique places to discover in Madrid

– Debod Temple: the magical Debod Temple is unique during the sunset. It is the Egiptian soul of Madrid as it arrived as a present from there. If you want to spend a romantic evening or even think you are in another age, just have a walk through the columns.

– San Miguel Market: located in the trendy suburb of La Latina, it is an spectacle by itself. Not just because you can buy here any type of gourmet food but also the many locals that will let you taste the classical vermut.

The Royal Palace and the Sabatini Garden: both of them will leave you speechless as they are almost together in the Arenal Avenue.

– Night in Malasaña: it is the nightly suburb without a doubt and also one of the most hipster spaces in the city.

– Retiro Park: the Madrid lung without a doubt. You should walk to discover the Glass Palace and the Lake.

Barcelona, how to discover some unique spaces

• La Boquería Market: this market is located in the Ramblas and it is a must once you stay in Barcelona. You must try the vermut and also the pinchos and tapas that come together.

• Ramblas: you will need aprox half an hour to walk trough them. It is the city center by itself and you will enjoy a lot just by spending the time without hurry.

• Gotic Suburb: all the restaurants and even the architecture here are just a reason to spend time here and get in love with this alternative area of Barcelona. Would you like to discover some more things? Get lost!

• The Sacred Family: the expiatory temple is one of the most interesting things you can visit in Barcelona not just for its beauty but for all the history and project that include. Let’s just take a look to the Gaudi modernist main work.

• Park Güell: In the past the access to this park was free but nowadays you will have to pay almost 7 euros for entering to the modernist space designed by Gaudi that was called to be a housing development.