Indonesian summer: precautions to consider

03 Aug Indonesian summer: precautions to consider

TravelIndonesia is known as a very attractive destination to spend holidays, specially in summer and where Europeans enjoy both the nature and also the spiritual offer. If you are looking for a rest this is your destinations. But Indonesia is also a dangerous place if you do not have into account some things. Let’s talk about them.

6 tips to prepair your Indonesian travel

1. Don’t take with you a big amount of cash money. Assaults have increased and tourist are the main affected ones. We recommend you to take your credit cards in your pockets as they are accepted in almost every commerce in the country.

2. Cars drive in their left lane although the steering wheel is located in the right side, so you must take this into account before renting a car. It is the only way to avoid any traffic accident.

3. Indonesia is located in what is called the fire belt of the Pacific ocean. This means that its seismic activity is very high. If you feel an earthquake keep calm and follow all the instructions.

4. One of the things you must know is that water is not potable, so please always drink bottled water if you don’t want health problems

5. Buy all the food in supermarkets as they are the ones with the fitosanitary certification.

6. Bali is well known because of swimmers and surfers. We recommend you to find the best beaches, the ones with coastguard and hospitals near them.