Indonesia and its wonderful south sea beaches

16 Jun Indonesia and its wonderful south sea beaches

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioFor years, Indonesia has been on the list of the top holiday destinations among travellers from all over the world. But what needs to be highlighted and is often forgotten are the wonderful South Sea like beaches here. In total, 56 islands are part of the Indonesian Togian archipelago, and many of these islands promise a wonderful paradisical stay. Here, as a tourist, you indeed have the possibility of relaxation and tranquillity.

Aside from all higher settlements and secluded from mobile telephone networks, you have the opportunity here to concentrate on your own person and the environment. Especially here, this is particularly worthwhile due to the fact that natural landscape and coastal regions are uniquely beautiful.

The arrival might be very stressful and in addition one needs a thick skin, but as soon as you will arrive you will possibly not want to return home in the cold and unfriendly European realm.

Frequent means of transport to reach the private island is by ship or ferry. Those who are looking for luxury and comfort will be disappointed, as this region is still rather for adventurous tourists and travellers that are looking for alternatives.

Locals and a few backpack tourists use this cheap crossing to reach the almost untouched Togian island. But for the exertions you rewarded on arrival with a picturesque panoramic view.

The islands have a volcanic origin, are scarce inhabited and characterised by a wild flora and fauna. The mountainous islands are most often occupied up to the beaches with tropical rainforest. Colourful birds of paradise are flying here from one treetop to the other and offer every viewer a colourful play of colours.

Those who love beaches and coasts will love the snow-white sandy beaches and crystal clear water regions. The different islands are one of the best and most popular diving areas in the world, as they have different kinds of reefs with up to about 200 coral reefs on a comparatively small territory.


On the archipelago there are completely different kinds of accommodations, starting from simple bungalows up to comfortable and luxurious bungalows. However, travellers definitely must expect the fact that on-site there is almost no access to internet, and power is mostly only available on hour-basis. Your smartphone, too, is often useless due to the fact that you will not get a signal on it.

If you will ask someone here which time it is you will get the answer that it’s the same time as yesterday.
As already mentioned, the island world offers completely different kinds of reefs for snorkellers as well as divers. As the sea here is extreme shallow and diversive, you can expect a fascinating underwater world with completely different corals and exotic fishes only a few metres away from the bungalow.


Those who want to travel from Europe in the direction of Indonesia will have the opportunity to fly through Istanbul or Dubai to reach the Indonesian capital. From here, it goes on by ferry which is active on different days in the week.