Hiking in Germany: places to discover in nature

17 Jan Hiking in Germany: places to discover in nature

Hiker in Himalaya mountainsGermany is a country well known because of its gastronomy, culture and architecture, but, although there are many people that still don’t know it, it is one of the European most beautiful nature owners. Germany has an incredible trail net where you will be able to practise hiking, enjoy the green areas and also get to the most interesting mountains of its geography, with incredible woods and nature spots.

Black Forest

Located in the southwest of Germany, this mountain massive is a spectacular natural spot. Also known as the 3 lands area as it has borders with Switzerland and France also, this landscape has parks and natural spas and also a great biodiversity. You will be able to rest there and find an accommodation to enjoy a 7 days hiking plan. You won’t need to practise everyday this outdoor sport, but as it is really easy it will help you take care of your body while you enjoy some stunning landscapes.

Hell Valley, Bavaria; for the most demanding ones

If we have just said that the Black Forest trails are accessible for almost anyone, we are now stepping up to a medium level. In Bavaria we are going to find the perfect area between the mountain and the river to practise hiking. Falls, wild nature ways, traditional bridges, caves…these are just some of the main wonders you will find just by following the trails. For just 4 euros you will be able to spend the whole day practising healthy activities in the nature.

National Hainich Park, the German jungle

In Turingia we are going to find a protected forest that will leave us speechless. The incredible thing about this place is that the route is not going to start in the land but in the tree top. This wood is the perfect place to practise outdoor sports or even alpinism. It is situated about 44 meters from the land and it is surrounded by a unique green flora. For hiking lovers, the rensteis route is well prepaired and you will also discover the antique Betteleiche oak.

The seven hills, hiking among volcanoes

Ok, it is time to arrive to the 7 hills area, we mean almost 11200 hectares of geology and where you can also find flora, fauna and mountain vineyards. It is one of the most ancient natural reserves in Germany with 40 volcanic summits and the Rhine views. It is the perfect place to practise hiking with many thematically trails that finish in incredible places. Castles, museums…

These are just some examples of the natural outdoor plans in Germany. What do you think?