Hanoi, beauty and the colonial influence

07 Dec Hanoi, beauty and the colonial influence

hanoi-travelgenioWe wake up in Vietnam and everything seems to be far away as we had imagined. We are going to start visiting Hanoi. This macro city is home for more than 6 million inhabitants and it will open our doors to discover a wonderful country that is waiting to show you the best of the history, tradition and nature.

The beauty of Hanoi and its cultural heritage

Considered World Heritage by the Unesco is one of the most precious Buddhist lands you will ever know. Concretely, we want you to start in the Citadel, where the entire heritage is concentrated.

Thang Long Citadel: this antique place, where the print of many dynasties regarding the Vietnamese history is still alive is to the country the same as the Forbidden City in China. Although it was not recognized until 2010, it is one of the main spots in Hanoi. The Citadel is a perfect place to start understanding the beauty and tradition of Hanoi. You will only have to pay around 1 euro to enter and you will be visiting a World Heritage by your own.

Other interesting places to visit in Hanoi

Hanoi also owns some strange places inside its streets. We are talking, for example, about the Cathedral, a unique building that will make us think we are again in Europe. This Catholic Church is one of the main vestiges of the many invasions suffered by Vietnam. Really near you will find the Fine Arts National Museum, where the works will talk about the richness of the country art and also about the last artistic tendencies in Vietnam.

If you want to taste gastronomy and also discover one of the unique suburbs of Hanoi, move to the Dong Xuan market where you can enjoy and taste some of the most traditional gastronomy.

Of course, we cannot finish this article without recommending you a visit to the Tran Quoc Pagoda.