Figueres, the modernist beauty in Catalonia

15 Mar Figueres, the modernist beauty in Catalonia

viajes - upitravelMoreover than being the border with France from Catalonia, Figueres is well known because of the huge cultural heritage. Located about 130 kilometers from Barcelona and just 40 kilometres from Girona, it owns more than 45.000 inhabitants and it is part of the Alto Ampurdan. The historical monuments here are just one of the main reasons to consider this locality one of the most beautiful places to discover in Spain. There is no reason to avoid a long term stay to enjoy all the secrets.

Treasures you cannot miss in Figueres

First of all we have to talk about the S. Ferdinand Castle, which will let you travel to the 18th Century, when Fernando IV decided to build it. Its more than 5 kilometers perimeter makes this castle the biggest monument in Catalonia. It is considered a Cultural Heritage and you will fall in love with it if you bet to get here. Meanwhile, the St. Peter Church, a gothic style one, is one of the most beautiful religious buildings you will find in this Catalonian area.

But one of the main reasons of its popularity is that DalĂ­ lived here before he died. And the Museum of this artist is one of the main attractions in Figueres. The theatre was built during the 19th century and it was Salvador Dali by himself the one that organized all the details to reach perfection. The Galatea tower, located in one of the corners is a neoclassic building that is also a marvel. There was where Dali lived and died.

The Toy Museum to travel with your family

There is an interesting place to visit in Figueres: the Toy Museum, which was opened at the end of the 20th century. Here you will find a meccano exhibition and also airplanes and magical instruments. These pieces are also accompanied by photographs with kids playing these games.
The Ampurdan Museum also helps you showing some of the most famous art from this area as well as some archaeological pieces. Works here are dated from the end of the 19th century to the first years of the 20th century.

The Time Museum and the MartĂ­ Amiel Clocks collection

More than 3000 clocks are exhibited in this gallery. You will find common ones, but also some strange examples like the fire clocks or sand clocks. Moreover, you will also find atomic clocks. We promise you this museum is unforgettable and you can enjoy a lot discovering some incredible examples of the huge collection.