Dublin in the Bloomsday

22 Jun Dublin in the Bloomsday

viajes - upitravelEvery year Dublin has an important date in June: we are talking about the Bloomsday, one of the most famous celebrations of the year in the Irish capital.

The 16th of June represents the day to celebrate the James Joyce┬┤s works, specially the Ulises, one of the most famous novel not just in Irland but also in the rest of the world. This book talks about the adventures of Leopold Bloom, that started during this same June day through the main streets of Dublin. The Bloomsday expression, talking about the main character of this novel, is a linguistic transformation for the word Doomsday, used in England and that means the Final Judgement Day.

A unique party: the Bloomsday

During this day, hundreds of Irish people enjoy with many plans like an outdoor James Joyce readings. Moreover, one of the most interesting and important activities during this day are the clothes, as they get inspired by the type of fashion that was used at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is also very popular the athletism race, something that is not just celebrated in Irland but also by many Irish inmigrants that exported this tradition to places like United States, in the Washington 12 kilometers race that also celebrates the Bloomsday.

Also know as the Green Emmerald, Irland has achieved this literature date as a day to enjoy with thousands of citizens that celebrate the book. The bombin hats and the conotier ones talking about ladies, are just a little part of the importance of this party. Dublin wears its best clothes and imports the early century fashion to all its streets.

There are many things to do in Dublin as it is one of the oldest ones of Europe. You can also visit the Trinity College, the oldest university of the island or the Custom House, one of the most famous monuments of the capital. Near the Liffey river, the one that crosses and divides Dublin, you will find the most important scenaries of this celebration.