Discovering wild routes: visiting Dakar

28 Mar Discovering wild routes: visiting Dakar

Those who want to discover new cultures have, nowadays, easier trips than before. In the past, there were some forbidden countries for travellers, but today you can arrive almost to all the places you can imagine in the world. This is, for example, what happened in Senegal, that you can visit it although it was restrictions.

Located in the Norwest of Africa, there are some interesting flights that take off from some of the main European capitals. Let us show you some of the most interesting things you will discover in its capital: Dakar.

Discovering Dakar

The cultural heritage of the Senegalese capital is really influenced by the Islam, the main religion in this country. We should start talking about the Dakar Cathedral, a really modern building that was finished in the middle ages of the 20th century. It owns a minaret that can be seen among the dome. The Mosque is not allowed to be visited by tourists.

This city has been considered World Heritage because of the Gorea Island, a place that will leave you speechless.

Since it was that way declared in 1978, this little island of about 20 hectares is really visited. Here you can find many interesting things to do such as visiting the slaves house that, although it is a really sad memory, it was part of the history of this country.

One of the main attractions in Dakar for travellers is the World Festival of Black Arts, which started in 1966. Since then, it is one of the most popular artistic movements in the world.

How To arrive to Dakar

From Europe the main way to arriving here is by plane. There are many offers of some airlines from the European capitals. Also take into account that the accommodation and also the meals are really cheap in Africa if we compare them to the budgets you will need for a trip to Europe or even North America.