Destinations in Spain for aquatic tourism

08 Sep Destinations in Spain for aquatic tourism

Islas y destinos exóticos - TravelgenioSpain is one of the best destinations in the world to practice diving as this country has perfect places to practice this sport and make some underwater photos. Moreover, the huge natural places, with coral reefs and a big biodiversity, with beautiful species, make some of the Peninsula areas perfect for this sport lovers.

1- Islas Cíes in Galicia
Dolphins, whales, eels, lobster, bream, are waiting for divers in this islands from Pontevedra, that are formed by three isles: Monteagudo, Faro and San Martiño. It is nowadays a Natural Park with a unique ecosystem and with one of the richest underwater areas with brown algae and species such as sea turtles.

2- Islas Medas in Cataluña
Situated in the Mediterranean Sea and conformed by the Medallot, Ferrenellas, Tascó, Caballo Bernardo and Little Meda. There are routes for practising diving in a spectacular natural environment.

3- Fuerteventura in Canarias
Apart from being a traditional destination for many travelers, it is a perfect destination for diving. The parrot fish and rays are two of the species that populate its spectacular seabed. The best place to enjoy all these is Corralejo.

4- Parque Natural Cap de Creus in Cataluña
In the coast of Girona is situated this area, with spectaculars seabeds where you can practise diving, fully surrounded by marine seagrass and coral red, with species such as sharks, scorpion fish, octopus, dorado, barracuda or grouper. You can also visite their villages, where you can find too many possibilities.

5- Cabo de Gata in Andalucía
The Cabo de Gata, in Almeria is a Natural Park with a wonderful biodiversity where you can watch sunked ships 40 feet deep. This is a real paradise, completed by Nijar with an interesting low cost accomodation and the best gastronomy.