Chiclana and its magical places

27 Oct Chiclana and its magical places

Tropical beach, Similan Islands, Andaman Sea, ThailandChiclana is a national destination in Cadiz that has everything you will need to spend a really good holidays. There you will enjoy with its gastronomy, traditions, a huge offer both for leisure and culture and very good prices for accomodationl

Touristic attractions in Chiclana

Chiclana has a lot of history and many natural places that can be seen in different strategical points of the city.
In the Hills of Santa Ana there is the possibility to see al the Cadiz Bay in a perfect way, with the best views of this maritime phenomenum where you can also find the hermitage with the same noun, dated 13th Century and an architectural religios reference in the area.

The Loma del Puerco is another must with beautiful views of the city, but one of the best places to visit in Chiclana is the one where is located the Temple of Hercules, in the islet of Santi Petri. The history of this place, dated 12th Century b.C. And related to the Roman Empire, still facinates visitors.

In the Pinar de los Franceses, now known as Batería Colorá, is situated other of the magical places of Chiclana and Cádiz. There you can watch the Natural Park of the Cadiz Bay, with its estuaries, marshes and salines.