Berlin, Berlin, we’re off to Berlin

24 Jun Berlin, Berlin, we’re off to Berlin

BAlready interested people will have read a few articles about Berlin in recent months. But today we would like to present you a few details for your next trip in one of the most popular metropolises of Europe. Berlin is nowadays omnipresent and popular in terms of trips throughout the whole world. This is also reflected in numbers of visitors, which are breaking records every year again and again.

The majority of Berlin’s inhabitants are happy that the city has also become attractive among visitors. More than 80% of the asked inhabitants are welcoming tourists in their city. Solely in the strongly frequented district of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain, where tourism almost took over in the last years, acceptance is lower.

The classical Berlin flair, the history of the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, memorial place Berlin Wall and the culture are still the main attractions of the city. Its history and its criminal districts are attracting people. It should be noted that Berlin is primarily visited by educated and quite affluent people. The average age of the visitor is about 40 years.

Especially now in spring and at the beginning of the summer, Berlin shows itself from its best side. The people love the life outside and hang out in parks and facilities until the late evening hours, which are spread throughout the whole city. There is the possibility to get to know the true and real Berlin people and get in touch with them.

Overnight accommodations in Berlin

After conditions for private housing agencies were recently newly regulated in Berlin, it is from now on very difficult for travellers to find favourable and well located holiday accommodations. In Berlin, a shortage of beds for overnight accommodations is not expected, however, interested travellers should take enough time in advance to make a respective reservation in a hotel.

Shopping in Berlin

As already said, the average age of the visitors in Berlin is rather higher and therefore, in the whole city, we can find many shops for wealthy customers. But those who will have a closer look will find a lot of small local shops in different popular districts which offer special products that can mostly can only be found here. On your trip, you should really visit districts such as Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Mitte by foot to find hidden treasures here. You will definitely be excited by the offer and prices.

Journey to Berlin

Even though Berlin still struggles with the inauguration of the new airport in Berlin, the city is nevertheless excellently connected to the international transport network. Travellers from Europe often have the possibility of planing a journey by train, and those who arrive from places that are far away will find perfect connection options through the airport.