Battle between Vueling and Ryanair for the best prices

13 Oct Battle between Vueling and Ryanair for the best prices

aerolineas-vueling-travelgenioThe Vueling Airlines 22% growth puts Ryanair in trouble after registering a decline in the number of passengers in the first half of the year that reached to 8%. With these numbers and percentages the distances between the Irish airline and the Spanish low cost airline get shortened.

The Spanish sky battle between traditional and low cost airlines

Traditional airlines have become a talking point between January and April 2014, especially Air Europa that, in recent years, has been offering very competitive prices for the resident travelers of the Canary Islands or the Balearics.

Traditional companies have always been characterized by having short haul flights to support the long journeys by air. However, the low cost arrival meant that numerous domestic and international short-haul flights were lost for them.

In this 2014, almost three million passengers flew with Air Euoropa with an increase percentage of more than 10%.

All these studies tell us that Norwegian, on the other hand, has a growth of about a 48% over last year, which corresponds to a wonderful range of possibilities. Lufthansa has maintained a rate of 0.18% although in April had a large decrease of the 5.02%. Air Berlin continues to fall at a rate of 7% over the first quarter of the year.

Low cost fight hard for the leadership

The most importan low cost airlines are Ryanair and Vueling Airlines. Behind these is Easyjet which received 3% more passengers during April 2014.

Iberia Express has increased passengers reaching more or less a growth of the 13% compared to the year 2013. Prices have been responsible of this change.

The conclusion is that Vueling Airlines is getting the first place if we talk about low cost airlines in flights from Spain and Iberia Express is “eating” the other naturally subsidiary of Iberia, the traditional company of relevance.