A trip to the Swiss Alps: Interlaken

02 Mar A trip to the Swiss Alps: Interlaken

Alaska - Destinos en TravelgenioThis Swiss commune is located in the Berna Canton, near the Alps. Irrigated by the Aar River, there are many different offers for tourists that want to enjoy this European space. The Great Jungrau, with its more than 4000 metres high is perfect for the adventurers that want a challenge. The Global Complex of Jungfrau Aletsch Bietschohorn is considered World Heritage and it is one of the most visited areas here. If you walk through the Höheweg Street you will find many different hotels.

The Interlaken railway station, a famous Marcel

This terminal is one of the most well known ones in the entire world. Incredible figures like Goethe or Lord Byron were here. Interlaken Ost has as many particularities as to visit it without the need to take a train. It also owns a privilege situation that makes this place the perfect base for those travelling to Berna or Zurich.

6 things you cannot miss once in Interlaken

1. Jungfrau: this is the most famous mountain in Interlaken. As we already said, it is considered World Heritage together with the Natural Reserve.

2. Brienz Lake: this magical lake is one of those places that seem to be perfect for hiking lovers as well as the perfect spot to try a boat. It is also known because of the fall that is located here and that impress all visitors.

3. Thun Lake: another unique place to practise wakeboarding, but not just that, you can also discover the castle near here.

4. Harder Kulm: this mountains located in Interlaken are some of the most popular attractions with Jungfrau. You can enjoy all its balconies, that will show you some stunning views.

5. Jungfrau Park: including the Jungfrau mount, this is one of the must once you put your feet in Interlaken

6. Lütschine: this river is one of the most interesting ones here as you can practise many outdoor sports like the canyoning or rafting. If you want to enjoy 100%, take a look to all the leisure offers.