5 destinations to avoid depression

23 Feb 5 destinations to avoid depression

Have you ever thought about the best destinations you can find to be happier in your life? The truth is that travelling is the best antidote, but there are special destinations you will love to discover and that seems to be perfect at any moment, but specially when you feel down.

Take a look to our selection.

1. Bhutan: it is the monastery country and it is less visited than other Buddhist ones like the Tibet. Bhutan has many interesting and magical landscapes you should visit like the Taksthang Monastery, the Jong architecture ones like Dzong Tashichoe or many other natural spots. The National Manas Park is a must.

2. Denmark: unforgettable landscapes, a unique social system, some of the most beautiful cities in the North of Europe, the happiest people in the continent…those are just some of the reasons to invite you to discover this land. Cities like Copenhagen, Odense or even Christiania or the Faeroe Islands.

3. Canada: this country smells happiness. Although the freezing temperatures in winter, Canadians are really polite and kind people. We recommend you to discover the nature here in places like the Banff National Park, the Jasper or even the Stanley Parks. Also take a look to the possibility to arrive to the Niagara Falls.

4. New Zealand: a natural paradise in Earth and also the best place to visit if you are a Lord of the Rings lover. The beautiful landscapes together with the Middle Earth sceneries are just some of the reasons to plan a trip to this unique country.

5. Cuba: it is our last suggestion for a “sad trip” antidote. Just walk through the malecon or discover the people in the city. Nothing like the latin feeling in the streets. You will find many incredible places like the Three Wise Men Castle or even the Havana Capitolio