5 destinations in Europe not as expensive as they seem

17 Mar 5 destinations in Europe not as expensive as they seem

Copenhague - TravelgenioIt is time to start planning and thinking about the 2017 trips as we do know that it will be a perfect year in terms of travels. Here you will find some destinations you cannot forget as they can be even cheaper than expected if you are ready to make a great prevision. How? Just follow our route to find out where to go.

5 destinations that will be really popular in Europe

1.- Copenhagen: this city is a real proof that you can put together the Cosmo technology with miles of green spaces and a very incredible environment. Apart from visiting the Mermaid, there are many other interesting plans in terms of culture, leisure and even sports. From the Bay to the channels you will find, it is one of the most incredible cities you will ever visit. IT is also considered a great place to party if we take a look to the northern capitals. And by the way, it is not as expensive as you can first think – apart from the meals, of course -.

#2.Sofía: The Bulgarian capital is not as popular as many other European destinations although it has been a mute witness of the many changes Europe has lived. This yellow tiles city, said to be the inspiration for the author of the Oz Wizard to design the path that was walked by Dorothy and her travel mates, is also a place of great beauty. There are wild green spaces represented by woods in the middle of the city and there are some architectural examples that will let you know about the legacy of the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Neo classic style, rococo or even Neo Baroque are just some of the different mixture you will find.

#3.Naples: Apart from being the door for the Pompeii rests, Naples is a great place for travellers searching gastronomy and a southern beauty. Although being the most inhabited city in the country, it still owns the great romanticism halo of the Italian localities. The city was declared World Heritage and some of the main buildings as the Maschio Angioino are just a testimony of it.

#4.Malta: This beautiful vacational island is a place where you can enjoy also many different alternatives to enjoy it. It is considered World Heritage and it is a Mediterranean Island you should visit, at least, once in life. Megalithic temples, Valetta, the Hypogeum of Hai Safileni are just a little list of what you will be able to find here.

#5.Santorini: The beauty of this island makes it one of the most beautiful spectacular places of the Greek Islands. Would you like to visit this place during 2017? The truth is that nowadays is as affordable as never before.