4 unique Monuments in Tel Aviv

02 Aug 4 unique Monuments in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has become a very popular and attractive city for all type of travellers. It has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities of this area and there are many interesting places you should like to visit. In case you would like to enjoy the city, we are going to recommend you, at least, four monuments you cannot miss during your stay in this stunning place.

Tel Aviv and the 4 must

The Tayelet Maritime Walk: if we had to describe some of the most incredible places in the city, without doubt, we would have started with this Maritime place. The functional beauty of the walk is something incredible and worth to be visited if you want to see the glamorous part of the city. Of course, you can also take a bath.

The Clock Tower: located in the Jaffa suburb, the ottoman Clock Tower is one of the most visited attractions in Tel Aviv because it is something not just historical but beautiful.

The Suspended Orange Tree is located in the Jaffa suburb too and it is one of the must see in the city. At least, you will get speechless just by having a walk in this area of Tel Aviv.

Itzhak Rabin Monument: it is one of the monuments consecrated to Isaac Rabin. It consists in a Statue and a monument and if you choose to follow a guided visit you will enjoy and understand why all these stir.

The Bauhaus Centre: of course in a Bauhaus style as the rest of the Tel Aviv city, they are considered Cultural Heritage by the Unesco. You can plan some of the many offer tours to understand the way it defined this city. All of them start in the Bauhaus Centre and will give you all the info needed. You will spend, at least, 2 hours and 20 euros to enjoy all this area of Tel Aviv.