4 areas in Prague that can be visited in just 3 days

08 Mar 4 areas in Prague that can be visited in just 3 days

The Czech capital is one of the most romantic places you can imagine and, together with Paris, one of the most chosen ones for couples. Moreover, Prague is not as expensive as the French capital so we can understand now why this destination is becoming more and more visited.

4 areas in Prague you can visit


This area of the city owns some of the most beautiful monuments in the city. It is the suburb where you can find the castle, a titanic building dated on the 11th century. But it is not the only beautiful building. You can also enjoy visiting the St. Vito Cathedral or the St. George Basilica. You can also walk in the Golden Alley.

#2.Malá Strana

Located just alter Hradcany, you can arrive here from the Charles Bridge, where you can also enjoy with the views of the Vltava. St. Nicholas Church or the Strahov Monastery are just two of the most beautiful places you can find here. Just don’t forget to take a look to the Liechtenstein Palace or the Smirickych Palace.

#3.Stare Mesto

Some of its monuments are the oldest ones in the town. We are talking, for example about the Tyn Church. This place can be also compared to a castle because of the structure and beauty. You can also visit the Synagogue and the Ancient City Hall.

#4.Nové Mesto

Of course, you must start here from the Wenceslao Square. The rare beauty has to do with the many details you will find if you take a look carefully. The dancing building is unique, a representation of the deconstructive. It seems to be as a dance made by Fred and Ginger. The Charles Square, the National Theatre, the Municipal House, the Na Priokope and the Gunpowder Tower are other musts in the area.

If you travel to Prague we assure you will fall in love not only with the city but also with its soul. There are some typical activities you should try such as a boat trip through the Danube.