10 advices to avoid problems during your trip

18 Aug 10 advices to avoid problems during your trip

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioIt is usual to have any kind of problem when going on a trip. Delays, less quality on the contracted services, last hour changes or travel cancelations are some of the problems we can have. It is important to know your rights in order to avoid possible uncomfortable situations. We give you 10 advices:

1. Choose a good travel agency. Ask for its references and ensure that it belongs to the arbitral consume system.

2. It is important to know how to choose a good travel agency on the web. Read with attention the general conditions and get sure that the agency has a physical address in Spain, and an e-mail or telephone with which you can contact in the country.

3. It is important to keep printed documentation after the booking. We recommend you a secure way of payment.

4. Use your own PC or mobile to make the payments. And do not use public wifi.

5. Make a good travel plan. It is important to establish good dates, because if you have to delete your travel less than 15 days before the date of travelling you will have to pay an amount ( 5% to 15% of travel costs). So get informed of the conditions of travelling before you make the contract.

6. If you prefer combined travels (transport, lodging,…), you have to  know that this sort of travels have better legal protection  than the usual travels, because both the travel agency and the service company have responsibilities. Get informed in your travel agency and ask for the possibilities you have in case of problems.

7. You have assistance rights if your flight is delayed. And if you are more than 3 hours late in your destiny because of the flight delay, you have to receive compensation money. In this case, you could also get another flight to get to your destiny as soon as possible and then delete the first flight and receive back the amount you paid for it.

8. Keep with you the telephone of the travel agency in Spain and your destiny, because they should solve any problem you could have. If they didn’t solve it, you could claim to the touristic authorities.

9. If you have contracted your travel on the web after reading publicity, keep the travel documentation with you until you have finished the travel. Publicity is linked to the contract. If you have any kind of problem or the services are not as indicated, you could ask for a  compensation.

10. There is a wide guide made around the Europe Union in order to keep travelers’ rights. This travelers’ guide is well documented with passengers’ rights (train, plane…), passengers’ security, things you need when travelling, pocket money, documentation ( passport…), information on IVA, mobile fares,…

Get informed of all details in order to protect yourself during the trip on a proper web page.